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Opanda PowerExif Editor

PowerExif is a professional EXIF Editor, it allows to create, modify & delete EXIF tags in digital image easily & freely.
  • Support remove all image metadata information
  • Support all EXIF 2.21 standard tags & Extend tags.
  • Add or modify GPS information into images.
  • Powerful import & export function.
  • Support batch modify & remove.
  • Support JPEG, TIFF and Exif templet file.
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 Opanda DigitalFilm 1.69
DigitalFilm is a professional software for emulating the photographic reversal film. Opanda DigitalFilm 1.68It can make the color effect of digital photo realistically simulate that of photographic reversal film such as Fuji Velvia & Kodak T-Max100. Learn more...
  • Professional photography reversal film imitation
    (Fujifilm Velvia (RVP), Kodak B/W T-Max 100)
  • Contain an easy-used EXIF editor
  • Support batch process
  • Support RAW file format (CANON, NIKON, FUJI, KODAK, MINOLTA,OLYMPUS and more)
  • Index sample creator
  • Support Watermark, Signature & Frame
  • Support Histogram & EXIF Macro
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More Opanda Softwares
design for shutterbug, photographer, photo editor
IExif Viewer V2.25 Opanda IExif V2.3
Opanda IExif is a professional EXIF / GPS / IPTC viewer in Windows, IE & Firefox.
Exif extension for Mozilla FirefoxIExif Viewer V2.3 for Firefox
Opanda IExif for Firefox Extension.
Requires: Firefox: V0.7 - V3.0+
IExif Pro ViewerOpanda IExifPro Viewer V2.3
IExifPro Includes all features of IExif.
IExifPro support TIFF image format.
PhotoFilterOpanda PhotoFilter V1.0
PhotoFilter is a professional photography filter imitation software, there are more 150 types filters (Kodak / Cokin / Hoya) in it.
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